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Paradox Theatre Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions as stated in the

Standard Booking Agreement

The following agreement is to try to ensure that the show goes as well as possible for you by telling you what I need in order to do a good show.

Please note that this covers a range of different types of shows and event

First my bit:

I have and enhanced disclosure CRB certificate, and £10,000,000 public liability insurance.

A full risk assessment has been carried out and there are no significant risks to anyone watching the show

All hanging fabrics used are certified fireproof

And now what I need from you. Sorry if some of this seems obvious.

General Requirements

Proper changing facilities must be provided (Not the toilets!)

I will need to be able to park reasonably close to unload, and may need help with carrying props.

Crowd Control: It is an interactive show and heckling is part of the fun, however in the unlikely event of any audience member being seriously disruptive, it is the responsibility of the venue staff to deal with it.

Outdoor Shows If the weather is unsuitable for an outdoor show, an indoor alternative must be provided.

 Payment: Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment is due immediately following the performance. Cheques are accepted from local authorities etc and BACS details are on the invoice.  Personal cheques will only be accepted 30 days in advance of the event, otherwise payment must be in cash.

Get in and Clear Out: One hour minimum for setting up and a further half-hour for getting out. Ideally the hall should be free for this, but if you do need simultaneous use, please discuss first.

Cancellations Once a booking is confirmed I decline other offers of work for that date. In the event of cancellation of a show, 75% of the fee is payable, unless I have arrived on site in which case the full fee is payable.  If I am able to obtain substitute work for the same date, I will return the fee, or part if I have to work for a lower fee.

Theatres: Basic sound and lighting facilities and a technical operator must be provided by the venue. The technician must he available for get-in and technical run through, 90 minutes before the start.

Video Recording: Sorry but recording is not permitted, but feel free to take still photographs.

Liabilities Neither Paradox Theatre nor any associated individual shall be liable for losses due to cancellation of a performance due to circumstances beyond the performer’s control

Distractions I don’t use amplification and my shows involve audience participation and a degree of subtlety. I can’t work close to bouncy castles, barrel organs, discos, or other noise source. Occasionally I get asked to entertain children while adults in the same room have a chat. It simply doesn’t work. Adults are more than welcome, but if they want to socialize they must leave the room. I reserve the right to cut short any performance that in my view is being disrupted by extraneous noise, without a reduction in fee.

Specific Requirements for Schools

 Performing Area:  A block stage size 4m x 2m with at least 1.5m clearance behind it is the absolute minimum I can work with, and ideally I need 5m x 3m. If a stage is not possible, then we can just use the floor with older children on benches and chairs. Please note that as the fireproofed backdrop cannot be washed, the performing area needs to be clean and preferably freshly swept. (If no one is available to do this please have a brush handy). I will need two chairs.  

Staffing Ratio: I expect a staff to pupil ratio similar to a teaching situation, and in view of the aims of the show, it is useful for teachers to see it. In any case, why miss a good show?

Technical Requirements: None.

A Few Common Sense Points 

 Children who are easily upset by new or unusual situations should be placed where they can be easily ‘retrieved’ if necessary.

 Please advise me of any children with special needs that I should be aware of.

All performances by Paradox Theatre are ‘Acts as Known’ and cannot be booked on an employee basis.  



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