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Theatre in Education for special needs - curricular based shows for disabled children, including deaf, hearing impaired, autistic and learning difficulties



There isn’t anything complicated about a Paradox  Theatre Educational show!

Paradox Theatre educational shows that have been performed with great success at a number of special needs and mixed ability schools. Although not specifically devised for special needs children, they are highly suitable due to their humour and visual content. Children may not understand all of it, but they will have a great time!

All shows come with follow up material for use in class

science show

Footprints in the Sky is a Show based on the Science Curriculum KS1 and KS2. Using Slapstick and clowning, William B Curious takes the audience on a hilarious romp through the science curriculum. He discovers forces and how they make things move - in this case a stick that flies through the air and whacks him on the bottom. 

He learns about sound with a trumpet, and a cushion that honks when he sits on it. And the water cycle is explored with a magic trick that ends in someone getting rather wet........ 


environmental show

The Curse of the Grabbers is a show that increases awareness about the role of excess consumption in global warming and other environmental issues. It's about the Grabbers who cut down forests in order to build factories to make things we don't need. That's the story, but the substance of the show is a wonderful load of silly slapstick. 

To save the planet we need to consume less, and although that concept may not be all that easy for some, the hero of this show tries his hand at stopping the Grabbers with magic spells that are bound to go wrong. On one level, the show has a serious message; on another, its a lot of clowning fun and laughter that can be enjoyed for its own sake.


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The shows 

  • Are simple, visual and funny

  • Have lots of audience participation

  • Can be adapted to suit the situation

  • Provide opportunities for everyone to join in regardless of their limitations

You will see a lot of laughter and fun – what you will not see is a performer doing clever or complicated tricks to show how clever he is!

“To me it’s about connecting with people on a human level and accepting who they are, and enjoying the playfulness of clowning together. In all my work as a clown my objective is to make the audience feel that they are ahead of me, and that I am the butt of the joke and they are the clever ones”.

Dealing with the daily frustrations of failing to accomplish what he is trying to do, Professor Paradox demonstrates an almost superhuman inability to do just about anything.

"Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something"

magician image

What you see is what you get - No scary make up, no red nose and not even a wig! 

"The best Children's Entertainer we have ever had"

Musgrove Hospital Christmas Party

It is extremely difficult is a school like ours (special school for Social Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties) to find a performer who can appeal to children from the age of nine, right up to young adults of sixteen. Mike proved that he could do that. He delivered a performance full of humour and flexible enough to involve the inevitable hecklers in our audience! Coupled with this was the actual design of the show and the metaphorical lessons to be learned from the scripts. A real and rare triumph at our school.

 Murrough McHugh, Assistant Head, Florence Brown Special School , Bristol  

"Thank you - The children loved every minute of the show"

Yewstock Special School

"The shows are funny, magical, imaginative and very, very original!.......his love of performing and his great understanding of what makes children and adults laugh really comes across. I am so glad we booked him!"         Teminah - Honiton

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  Mike Rawlinson is also a practicing Alexander Technique Teacher


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