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Footprints in the Sky:

A science show for primary schools based on the Science Curriculum.

Established 1988



Reviews from Children

Seven to nine year olds

"I thought the show was brileunt but it was too short it was the best show iv ever seen it was so good I wanted more. I remember your buk of wisdum."


I thought the show was extremely funny. I learnt that rainbows have other colours.  


I thought the show was the best in the world. The bit I liked best was most of it, but the stick was the funniest of all. I remember all of it. I got a tape in my head. I learnt that rainbows have more colers that we cant see and I learnt about water  


 I thought the show was the best show I have ever seen. I liked the water trick, I learnt a bit more about science  


 I thought the show was funny, amazing, extremely unboring, and curious. I learnt that rainbows have more than 7 coulrs  



Ten and eleven year olds

I learnt that asking things can help you even if your asking a teacher. ĎI learnt science isnít as boring as I thought. It could be funny sometimes! Itís a cool lesson now.í  


Iíve learned that you can make mistakes  but your mistakes can sometimes help you and give you the right answer.  


I learned to ask lots of questions for science and it made me think because it made science sound good and funny  


When he told us about forces and gravity it was funny. It taught me that we should be curious about things around us and even under us.  


It will be stuck in my mind for ever becous it was so hleryus and every time I think about it, it maks me lafh my head of  


  I learnt a lot about gravity. Riddles in the book made me think and use my brain.  


  I learnt that asking questions helps more than knowing the answer.  


I remember it because it was really really funny. I learned to  ask questions and that you can learn something and enjoy it at the same time  


  I liked the riddles and I learnt to be more curious and ask more questions. I found not everyone is perfect and everyone has to make mistakes. I learnt that I always have to use my brain. I learnt about forces and pushes and pulls. 


  Now science isnít boring any more  


   I learnt to ask questions more often. I also learnt that science is fun and enjoyable.  


  I learnt that science isnít all about astro physics. Almost everything has a bit of science in it  


I remember it because it was funny. I learnt about the ultra violet bit of the rainbow and for anything to move it needs a force and to learn from my mistakes  


  'I enjoyed the show because the tricks were funny and I learned a lot more about science.'  


''The best part was when the stick hit you on the bottom'  



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