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We have a price structure based on school size so that it is still affordable for small and medium sized schools, with a cost per pupil generally less than a decent ice cream and a bag of crisps.

Last years promotion proved popular we are offering a new discount for shows booked before the end of May.

Standard Price per show = 350

For shows booked before the end of April 2012 for any time up to the end of November 2012 there is a 20% Discount off the standard price, and a follow up session for one class can usually be included free of charge!

 Medium Sized Schools

For schools with up to 250 pupils the cost is 350 plus travel - discount price 280

Discount Price for Schools with under 140 pupils

Price for schools within 50 miles of TA13 is now 2.00 per pupil on the roll, subject to a minimum of 180, plus travel. This includes an after show session with one class.

Large Schools

For schools with over 250 pupils it is usually necessary to do two shows - please call to discuss prices

Travel is charged at 50p per mile - to work out the travel cost, you can use Google maps to work out the distance between the school and TA13 - the one way distance is the travel cost in pounds. Accommodation will also be necessary for schools outside a reasonable distance of TA13 - please call to discuss, this as it is sometimes possible to arrange mini tours, or you may just me close to a friend I can stay with.


Do call or email if you can't make sense of the prices or would like to know more, or would like to discuss anything about this shows.

Mike Rawlinson 01460 242549


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