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Established 1988

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Theatre in Education Show to stimulate interest in the national science curriculum


For a synopsis of the show and how it relates to areas of the curriculum click the following link


The show aims to develop curiosity and stimulate interest, and is intended to be seen in conjunction with the follow up material provided. Class work and discussion related to the performance can be derived form this material and it is strongly recommended that teachers familiarise themselves with this before seeing the show. This can be downloaded using the following link

Follow up work

The show has a running time of  70 minutes for audiences up to 250.

It is primarily aimed at 4 - 9 year olds, although  10 and 11 year olds usually enjoy it too.

An after show discussion with a smaller group can usually be included.


Please see the prices page

There is currently a reduced rate for small schools (under 120 pupils) please ask for details.

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