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A Sample of Feedback from West Country Schools

"The performance was a great addition to our Science and Technology celebrations and made the children really sit up and think about how the world works, whilst really entertaining them. Many enjoyed creating a book of questions after the show. Many thanks for coming in we really enjoyed it."

Lucy Brown, Ottery St Mary primary, Devon

"The Themes of the show moved very smoothly from one area of science to another with no gaps. The attention of all the children was held throughout the performance. There was a good balance of science learning and fun. Many thanks for an enjoyable afternoon"

St Gregory's Primary School, Marnhull, Dorset

"I just wanted to let you know that the kids loved this afternoon and the feedback from staff has been really positive"

Sarah Price, Science Coordinator, Wilcombe Primary, Devon

"Thank you so much for a very enjoyable visit. The children were captivated by your performance and their scientific experience was enhanced by some funny and thought provoking concepts. The staff thoroughly enjoyed the performance and everyone has said how brilliant the performance was - one of the best we've had.

Since your visit the children have been noticeably more confident at asking questions. the follow up work was useful, and I particularly liked the idea of a book of questions.

Zoe King, Holy Trinity, Yeovil, Somerset

"...The teacher observed some improved questioning skills by the children and this inspired a class display that very afternoon and changed the way we approached the start of our forces topic ... the show was excellent covering a wide range of science topics ... thoroughly enjoyed - the message came over loud and clear to all ages ...a great show which has prompted a lot of scientific questions in our class. We are making a big book of questions"

Several teachers from Feniton Primary School, Devon

"Thank you so much, the children really enjoyed it and it made them realise how relevant to everyday life science is. Brilliant - thanks so much."

Grass Royal Primary School, Yeovil

“Super show which the children fully enjoyed. It had fun, laughter, the wow factor, and plenty of things to make the children think! Brilliant!!!

Barwick and Stoford Community Primary School, Yeovil

"We asked the children what they had enjoyed the most last year - your show was definitely the most popular, and we will book you again soon. I thought it was excellent value for money”

Susan Marsh, Head Teacher, St Nicholas Primary School, Blandford Forum

‘The children were captivated by your performance and their scientific experience was enhanced by such funny and thought provoking concepts.
The staff thoroughly enjoyed the performance and everyone has said how brilliant it was - one of the best we've had.

Since your visit the children have been noticeably more confident at asking questions, the follow up work was useful and I particularly liked the idea of a book of questions.

The year 2 children enjoyed the follow up discussion and wanted to share what they had leant with the other children.

Zoe King - Science Coordinator

‘The children thoroughly enjoyed the show and have been asking questions ever since - A very enjoyable show which really sparked off out science week!

Holy Trinity Primary School, Yeovil

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our school yesterday. Everyone really enjoyed your performance and can’t stop talking about it! I couldn’t really pick out just one favourite part as it was all thoroughly enjoyable. It was lovely to see every child so enthused about science. I hope that I never again hear ‘science is boring’! We now can’t wait to start investigating the many questions raised by your show.

Rachel Mann, Science coordinator, Somerton Infants

"It is extremely difficult is a school like ours (special school for Social Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties) to find a performer who can appeal to children from the age of nine, right up to young adults of sixteen. Mike proved that he could do that. He delivered a performance full of humour and flexible enough to involve the inevitable hecklers in our audience! Coupled with this was the actual design of the show and the metaphorical lessons to be learned from the scripts. A real and rare triumph at our school."

 Murrough McHugh, Assistant Head, Florence Brown Special School , Bristol

‘The children were captivated throughout the performance which did indeed encourage their curiosity. They left the hall thinking of questions that could go into their Book of Questions’.                           

Huish Primary, Yeovil

   "We sat a group of pupils with behavioural difficulties at the back of the hall, expecting them to leave or be removed at some point. I was surprised that at the end of the performance they were still all there, focussed on the performance until the end."

H Jones - Teacher

‘I learnt science isn’t as boring as I thought – it’s a cool lesson now’

Abi age 10

 'Great show, enjoyed by all pupils and staff'

' Lympstone  Primary School, Devon

  “The children were utterly engaged in the performance and brilliantly entertained. As a teacher of 20 years I thought it was phenomenal – certainly one of the best things we have ever had in school. It concluded our science week superbly, highlighting what science is all about – asking questions! Pitched perfectly – you understand what children need. I’m a fan”

Science Coordinator, Sedgemoor Manor Junior School

  An original and fun way to make children think about science. Performing to such a wide age range is difficult, but you had all the children with you from the start – the hat and water trick is excellent. A thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining show that has provoked a lot of discussion

Castle Primary School

  'Wonderful - I will certainly recommend this show on our Science Coordinator's Forum'

Science Coordinator, St Peter's Primary School, Bristol

"The children really enjoyed the show, particularly the slapstick elements. there was something in it for all ages to take away. Thank you

Stallbridge Primary School, Dorset

  You had many things to stimulate their brains by hearing and sight and constantly had their brains working. Because of this the children appear to remember your performance and have been questioning things you did. The performance had much in it that teachers could hang lessons on. Very different, and very good.

Bishops Hull Primary, Taunton

  A great performance that we all enjoyed. Impressed with the way the performance engaged across the age and ability range. Children came out buzzing with questions

Head Teacher, Symondsbury Primary  School

I thought the language used by ‘Mr B Curious’ was very clear and pitched at the right level for even the youngest to access. I like the activities that were chosen to accompany the theory – the children had fun and the point behind the activities was clear. The point about asking questions rather than finding answers fits well with our work in school. Next terms sub heading is ‘Asking Questions’.

Science coordinator – Minster School , Warminster

  We really enjoyed the show, all class teachers commented that their children were involved in lots of science magic discussion afterwards - particularly the reception children. Science at KS1 is taught from an investigative principle, and the curiosity and questions suited them in particular.

Science coordinator, Tintinhull Primary

  All the staff enjoyed the performance and felt it was appropriate for the children. I noticed all the children were joining in and laughing wholeheartedly. All the children came back into class enthusiastic about the questions they had thought of – hopefully their enthusiasm will continue throughout our future scientific exploration.

Sedgemoor Manor Infants

  A really entertaining performance – the children were learning without even knowing it

Science teacher

  A brilliant way to start our science day, all children enjoyed the show and were enthusiastic to think of their own questions. We have also been impressed that the children are still enquiring about the world around them. We will try to book you again next year. Thank you

Milldown Primary School

  “I certainly enjoyed it…. keep it up, I think it's brilliant!”     

           Gill Thomas - Science Coordinator

The performance was brilliant – keeping a wide age range so engaged for so long. I thought the show was an excellent combination of education and entertainment. It kept an audience ranging from reception to year 4 totally enthralled for more than an hour. Quite a feat!

St Mary’s First School Swanage

  The show seemed to appeal to both younger and older children at different levels. They were very excited at times but ‘control’ throughout the act was good.

Mere Primary

  Thank you for a lovely show, it was really funny……I’m really glad you came to Upton Noble

Harry, Upton Noble Primary



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