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Paradox Theatre is a partnership with one interactive theatre performer - Mike Rawlinson. aka Professor Paradox:

I've been a professional children's entertainer since 1988 and have evolved a unique style combining the arts of clowning, magic, storytelling, slapstick, improvisation, audience participation and mime. 

Before that I was a Teacher of the Alexander Technique (and still am), before that I was a potter and an art teacher, before that I worked on an organic farm, and before that I was a research scientist for a multinational company.


So that's enough background - here is the stuff you might want to know


  • I'm a  a member of  Equity, have  public liability insurance, and have  advanced disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau,.

  • A full risk assessment has been carried out, and with the exception of young children wetting their pants from laughing too much, none of my shows present any  foreseeable risks to the public or audience.

  • Iím great at shows for theatres, arts festivals, parties, play-schemes, schools,  family days, and some corporate and special events. I work in places where children and families have come to see live performance. I don't work in situations where there is a bar open and I'm expected to entertain the kids so that adults can get on with boozing and socialising! 

  • As you can see I don't wear scary make up and a red nose which may frighten children. As my friends have observed, I don't need clown make-up!

  • All my material is original and is written and devised by myself and my associates.

  • Prices of shows are on the prices page

  • Anything else you need to know? Please get in touch using the contact button


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