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A recent tour of Devon Schools was a great success. Footprints in the Sky, the Science Show for Schools, was performed to children aged 4 - 11 at Sampford Peverell C of E Primary School, Wilcombe Primary School, and Sidbury C of E Primary School. The show for Sidbury school was performed in the village hall and parents were invited to join in. They had a lot of fun and hopefully learned a few science facts they didn't know.



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Demonstrating the properties of sound in his famous science show for kids - A theatre show for schools based on the national science curriculum KS 1&2

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Paradox Theatre is a Theatre in education company (TIE) with a range of shows to educate as well as entertain with several educational shows for schools, theatres arts festivals and other events.

Interactive comic theatre performances for children, parents and teachers using laughter and comedy to engage children so they learn while having a lot of fun.

Counties in which Children's Science Shows are available include most of Devon Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset, and Parts of Wiltshire, Avon and Gloucestershire


Science Shows for Primary Schools are available foe schools in South West England and the West Country.

Counties in which Children's Science Shows are available include most of Devon Cornwall, Somerset, Dorset, and Parts of Wiltshire, Avon and Gloucestershire

Shows about Science for school kids are available for primary schools in Bristol, Bath, Dorchester, Taunton, Yeovil and most of South West England. Also parts of Berkshire and the Camberley area




Educational Children's Theatre for Schools

Science Shows, Environmental Shows, Traditional Shows and Fun Shows for Primary Schools, based on the National Curriculum KS1 & KS2 - Plus Shows for Festivals and Events

Paradox Theatre is a touring theatre company specialising in funny educational shows for primary schools. Currently touring a science show and an environmental show that are both seriously funny, the core principle is that learning should be so much fun that pupils don't even realise they are learning!

The aftermath of performances by Paradox Theatre is a school buzzing with excited children who won't stop asking questions, keen to learn more about what they have just experienced.

A former research scientist and teacher, with 25 years experience as a children's entertainer, Mike Rawlinson combines his educational and scientific background to create comic theatre that delights and educates children, leaving them wanting to learn more.

Science Shows for Schools

 Footprints in the Sky -  A hilarious theatre show with clowning, magic, music, and laughter,  based on the national science curriculum KS 1&2. The show comes with a teachers pack with follow up work and ideas and experiments for class work.

Environmental Show for Schools

A fairytale adventure in which the audience becomes involved in a quest to stop the Grabbers from destroying the planet in order to build factories to make things we don't need.  Slapstick, laughter, magic and fun, but with a gentle message to look after the world, and to grow up responsibly. Addressing  the causes of  the environmental problems our children will face when they are older, this show is also suitable for theatres, village halls, and even birthday parties! Run time about 1 hour, suitable for children age 4 - 11 & parents and teachers. For more information click the link below

"The Curse of The Grabbers!"



 The resources page has more ideas to help make learning fun, including stories relating to multiplication tables,  and some suitably disgusting poems for the science and literacy lessons on topics such as life cycles and properties of materials! 

Character Clown

Professor Paradox has worked as a character clown at arts festivals, schools, theatres and events.  He's appeared in TV drama, and performed live on tour with the English National Ballet. If you are planning an event, then have a look at the Events page, or alternatively visit the Professor Paradox website. You can view pictures on the Gallery page (it's well worth a look), and if there is anything else you want to know, use the Contact button and get in touch.

The educational shows are suitable for children with special needs, due to the use of comic theatre which can be enjoyed in its own right, even if the content is not fully understood

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"We asked the children what they had enjoyed the most last year - your show was definitely the most popular, and we will book you again soon"

Susan Marsh, Head Teacher, St Nicholas Primary School, Blandford Forum


"I have never seen anyone who can keep the attention of these children for as long as you did. A terrific performance full of engaging humour and slapstick. Our children have a range of complex  emotional, behavioural, and learning difficulties, but they responded with warmth and enthusiasm to this show. A really positive end of term treat for all involved."

MM - Florence Brown Special School, Bristol


Professor Paradox (aka Mike Rawlinson) is also a teacher of the Alexander Technique - for more information use this link Alexander Technique 


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Also on this site are stories to help children have fun learning multiplication tables, and poems relating to the science curriculum including life cycles and properties of materials. Have a look at free stuff in the  Resources section


Science for Kids 2


Science Shows for Schools, Environmental shows for children,


Environmental shows for children,

About Paradox Theatre

  Paradox Theatre was founded by a teacher and former research scientist with over twenty years of professional performing experience. There are two main areas of performing work:

 Theatre in Education: currently producing shows for primary schools that are curriculum based with a cross curricular element.

 Footprints in the Sky is an interactive comic theatre show based on the national science curriculum KS 1&2 that has been performed in infant schools, primary schools and special schools throughout England. This science show for children aims to make children curious about science, and to make children appreciate that science is interesting and fun, and above all, relevant to their lives.

 The purpose of this science show for schools is not so much to teach children (that’s best left to teachers), but to get pupils interested in science, by teaching that science is simply a way to understand the natural world. Although this is an educational show, it is a theatre performance in its own right that can be enjoyed independently of its educational content, and is as suitable for theatres and other venues. As the performance engaging and funny (and quite exciting at times), children in the audience are not aware that it is an educational show, and learn without being aware of it. This circumvents the barriers that some children put up when presented with education, particularly science education. The show has a storyline, and a journey of discovery, which leads to knowledge and transformation, transcending the limitations of an educational show about science.

 The science show for kids is performed by Mike Rawlinson who spent many years working as a research scientist for a multinational pharmaceutical and chemical company and who achieved the prestigious academic requirements for a Licentiate of the Royal Institute of Chemistry. He went on to teach, and pursue scientific research into novel uses for natural and recyclable materials, and in the Seventies researched new approaches to organic farming. He has also taught art and design, is a teacher of the Alexander Technique, and for the last twenty years has been a professional children’s theatre performer and children’s entertainer. If you are wanting science shows for kids, Paradox theatre has a lot to offer.

The science show for schools has been touring for five years and has been seen by tens of thousands of pupils and is a perfect show for school science week, and is in great demand as a show for National Science Week.

 The Curse of the Grabbers is an environmental show for schools that addresses the main cause of the environmental crisis we are now in – namely that we consume too much of things that we don’t need. 

This environmental awareness show helps children to learn about their  contribution to the carbon footprint and how this contributes to global warming and how they can learn about energy conservation lessen the use of fossil fuels and CO2 emissions and thus help conservation of wildlife and lessen the effects on climate change

Children's Theatre

To be continued………..

The area covered for theatre in education shows includes Avon, Bristol , Bath , Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucestershire,  Somerset and Wiltshire. Tours of the South West and other counties in England and Wales can be arranged.


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Mike Rawlinson is a performing artist and Alexander Technique Teacher



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